Joining the Fitness Empire

The best way to start on a journey to a better you is to join our gym. We offer a lot of options in regards to membership because we understand that people of many lifestyles attend our gym. Your commitment to fitness can help you with your body and your wallet. This is why we have a diverse set of packages to fit your needs.
Do you work for our community? Are you a student or a Senior age 65 or over?

You may qualify for a special discount today!

If your Health Insurance provider participates in a “HEALTH AND WELLNESS BENEFIT PROGRAM”, it may also cover your membership fees.

We are currently participating with Horizon BFIT and Global Fit.  Please check with your health care provider to see if you are able to take advantage of one of these great programs.  


Start Today as low as:

$ 33.99 /Month

(with 12 month EFT)

Contact us with the form below we will help you make the first steps to a healthy lifestyle!

If you would like to request to Speak with a specific trainer below, please mention their name in the message and we will route your inquiry to them.

  • Christian Fiume
  • Jamie Tosh
  • Mike Evangelis

Leave your name and email address along with any question about our rates or services and we will have a manager reply as soon as possible.

Tours are also available. Contact us to book your tour today!

Rates and Specials

12 Month Commitment EFT

  • Regular -$100 Initiation fee/$43.99 per month
  • Student -$100 Initiation fee/$33.99 per month (available only to full time undergraduates with valid student ID)
  • Police, Military, Fire, Teacher, EMT – $100 Initiation fee/$33.99 per month (with valid ID)
  • Seniors (65+) and Couples – $100 Initiation fee/$38.99 per month/per person

Student Rate Options

  • Four Month Commitment –       $139.99 ($34.99/mo.)
  • Three Month Commitment –     $119.99 ($39.99/mo.)
  • Two Month Commitment –       $89.99/ ($44.99/mo.)

 All student semester break options must be paid in full on sign up and require valid student ID.

Adult Rate Options

  • Four Month Commitment –       $209.99 ($52.49/mo.)
  • Three Month Commitment –     $164.99 ($54.99/mo.)
  • Two Month Commitment –        $115.99 ($57.99/mo.) All options must be paid in full on sign up. 

Monthly Options:

  • Regular – $59.99/mo.
  • Student/Fire/Police/Military – $49.99/mo.
  • Senior (65+) and Couple – $54.99/mo. 

After any person has fulfilled over $100 in membership fees, they are able to switch to a 12-month EFT with no Initiation fee.

NJ sales tax will be added to all prici