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Join a class and make a difference in YOU!

Finding something you love to do is the easiest way to start a healthy habit. We have a wide variety of classes taught by our certified instructors.

Now is the time to get FIT!

At Fitness Empire, we believe that physical fitness is a necessary component of optimal overall health and well being for people of all ages. Everyone is welcome to challenge themselves and put forth their best effort with us. Health is something that cannot be taken for granted. We are passionate about making sure that every opportunity to be stronger and more fit is available to you.


Class Schedule


9:30-10:45 am Yoga Open Vinyassa Flow w/Kate McGuinness



9:15-10:30 am Yoga Level 1 Enlighten w/ Kate McGuinness
11:00-12:00 pm Yoga Gentle Movement/Chair Yoga w/ Kate McGuinness
6:00-7:00 pm Yoga Open Vinyassa Flow w/ Shelly Mantegna


6:00-7:15pm Yoga 101 Foundations w/ Kate McGuinness


9:30-10:45 am Yoga Level 1 Enlighten w/ Delia Quigley
6:00-7:15 pm Yoga Level 1 Enlighten w/ Cassie Cuppek


9:30-10:45 am YinYoga (1st Friday only) w/ Cherilyn Hopkins
9:30-10:45 am Yoga Mixed Level (4th Friday only) w/ Delia Quigley
11:30-12:30 pm Healing Yoga (Every Friday) w/ Delia Quigley
5:00-5:45pm-KIDS KARATE (ages 5-7) w/Spencer Meivogel
5:45-6:45pm-KIDS KARATE (ages 8-13) w/Spencer Meivogel
6:15-7:30 pm YinYoga (3rd Friday only) w/ Delia Quigley


9:00-10:15 am Yoga Level 1 Enlighten w/ Kate McGuinness